Are You Search Engine Friendly?

What if you gave a party, and nobody came? That’s the risk you run if your web design doesn’t include Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s like printing up invitations, then hiding them in a box in the back of the basement and hoping your potential partygoers will find them.

The World Wide Web is too massive to leave the discovery of your website – your invitation to buy your product or service – to chance.

You have to help your customers find you.

The Great Search Engine Highway

Your website is one place on earth you want a whole lot of traffic. And Search Engines – Google,, Yahoo and the rest – are the major highways people travel to find their Internet destinations.

Your Web Design has to help make that route as fast and direct as possible. Otherwise, your website could be essentially invisible to potential buyers searching the web for what you have to offer. Like any successful business, you need good signage along the road.

The Sooner They See You on Search Engines, The Better

As your Web Design and Marketing Team, COMPUTAID keeps this in mind from the very beginning of the process. Your Search Engine ranking matters, and we specialize in Web Design that is as Search Engine Friendly as can be.

From the web design itself to the copy we provide, geared toward the key words and phrases (the metatags) that draw Search Engine users to your specific service, we make it easy for your ideal potential customers to find you.

Don’t worry, our Search Engine Optimization techniques do NOT rely on risky tricks that can cause the Search Engines to penalize you, like white on white text. We simply do everything possible within our web design and marketing expertise to bring the right people to your party.

Search Engine Optimization That Works - COMPUTAID